Tile Installation Toronto - Mila Construction

Tile Installation Toronto - Mila Tiles is a company specializing in various sorts of tile laying and tile installation for residential, commercial tiles

Our team of highly experienced tile installers in Toronto specializes in a wide array of tile installations for floors, walls, kitchens (countertops, backsplashes), bathrooms (tubs, sides, ceilings), fireplaces sidings, pools, steam rooms and various other indoor or outdoor installation of any type of tile.

At Tile Installation Toronto - Mila Tiles, we pride ourselves in top quality work, as your home or business is important, and the finishing materials used for flooring or wall accents truly reflect your personalities and tastes. A tile that has been laid professionally will last you a life time, and at Tile Installation Toronto we want to ensure that you spent a life time enjoying the job well done!

Some of the tiling materials we use for tile installtion

  • Ceramic Tile Installation – great durable surface is ideal for your kitchens, floors and backsplashes.
  • Porcelain Tile Installation – usually works best in bathrooms, floors, walls, tubs, pools and saunas.
  • Marble Tile Installation – beautiful work of art! Marble instantly adds luxury to any space in your home or business.
  • Glass Tile Installation – new in craze in design! Glass and glass mosaic is a very popular accent in many kitchens, walls, bathrooms, spas and pools.
  • Vinyl Tile Installation – ideal solution for the budget conscious! This versatile material can suit any environment, and is extremely easy in maintenance.

Tile Installation Toronto installers ensure to approach each project with precision and thorough planning. Prior to the start of every job everything discussed is noted in the quotation or contract, which ensures all the expectations relative to timelines, price-point, and finished look are set from the beginning.